Toy Story Woody Player Model CS:S to CS:GO :)


Hey lovely everyone!

If anyone got time someday to port this “lovely” model to CS:GO, i would love you a ton.

Feel free to add me, just in case :slight_smile:


Morell told me that custom models crash servers in sometimes, by bones fault. So the creation of custom models in CSGO I think that is paused.

I’m waiting for that fix, I would like to fix models that I’ve done in CSGO. But at this time it seems silly.


Is that for the creation of newer player models?

I am running GFL’s CS:GO ZE server and we are using a bunch of custom models already without any crash issues at all, what i do know is that since H’ween update, have Zombie Models in Zombie Reloaded been crashing the servers around us hmm.