Trolling with items?

|Steam ID|STEAM_1:0:52981803|
|Steam3 ID|[[U:1:105963606]]
|Steam Community|[76561198066229334]
|Invoked on|07-17-20 00:13|
|Banlength|2 hr|
|Expires on|07-17-20 02:13|
|Reason|trolling with item|
|Banned by Admin|Telo|
|Banned from|Please Wait…|
|Total Bans|No previous bans|
|Blocked (1)|1Eyed Reggi3|

It was the 1st 5 minutes of Mako, extreme2. I grabbed heal and used it 10 secs later when everybody’s bunched up and waiting for the door to open. Not 2 seconds later, I was banned for 2 hrs.

Is that really considered trolling?

“dont take heal” was shouted mutliple times and you still took it, you see mako has a item level system, each time you take an item your level goes up by 1. each level makes the item more powerfull, since it was ex2 the boss can execute an attack that needs level 3 heal to be cleared. you being clueless about the map is obviously not an bannable offense, but since you took the item anyway when you clearly dont know the map even after being told multiple times not to take the heal is trolling

mb then, I wasn’t aware of that system and my sound was low during that run, so I didn’t hear much of the voice chat.

Just dont take items if you dont know the map and where you actually have to use it in some maps its important to use items at the right place and time to win. Thats what i always say to the ppl you can take items ofc but be sure you know what to do with it just watch the ppl with more knowlege first how they use it :slight_smile:

it’s not only knowing what to do with items … but also not dying before you need to use them …
so don’t take them if you are a baboon(ish) player like me. :crazy_face:

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