[Unban request] BlóòdyKiller™


Guess it’s here right ?


Allright, I’ll pass on the first ban where I actually trolled with Earth on normal at door (no one died and earth was destroyed 2s later and I got banned for 1 day, no warning but meh it’s not the topic I guess…;).)

Let’s stay actual : today, mako extreme II, sephiroth dies and I hear zms are right behind, so yeah I use earth instead of having my mates killed and the round lost (they were way back).
Should I let zombies win next time by letting guys staying in the back get infected ?
Saltiness apart, instant ban for trolling ? From the 1st time ? So long ? Without warnings ? Without understanding the situation ?
This time, one month ban ? Really ?

I’m speechless lmao !

EDIT : Hm nice admins =>
Only on mako ex ? Short memory there, got no links with the rules and also it’s false. Shaking my head…


I Was in this situation, in my opinion the admin gave ban too long, maybe better to kick or reprimand? Everyone knows that every person can maek a mistake… Perhaps it’s better for all people to ban that badly done thing? I will come back to once of Li-iON rage because it was a dream, but it was a round win. Im my opinion, what I wrote on steam li-ion? //// My opinion!

I did not know he would give a picture!!!