UPDATE Ze_easy_escape_v4

  • add filter_activator_team.
  • add hurt_trigger.
  • add music.
  • add a platform instead push ramp on the first part of the map.
  • add a trigger_push on the first surf for the ZM.
  • add block on the part after the 3rd surf.
  • reduce the time for the zombies release.

hurt_trigger: if the human fail on the (easypath) (kzpath-bhoppath) they will die after 5 seconds.
Hurt_trigger: if the humans fail on the surf on 20 seconds after zombies released the hurt_trigger will be active on the 2nd/3rd surf.
trigger_push: when the human infected he will get pushed into the zombies cage.
block: bost fix.
zombies release: the time reduced from 80 second to 60 second.