Video tutorial: importing a blender model to the Source Engine

Hi guys.

This tutorial will give you all the basics to transform a Blender model into a Source Engine model:

  • install the Source Tools
  • use Crowbar to decompile a model (mdl -> smd). We need this to have a sizing reference…
  • edit your Blender model to export it to mdl files. (cleaning, collision model creation, etc…)
  • create the vmt and vmf texture files from your Blender model.
  • use Crowbar to compile your model (smd -> mdl)

For this, we will also use GCFScape, VMTMaker, VTFEdit, create a QC file, etc…

This is my first video tutorial ever, so please be kind with me! ^^
If you have suggestions, i take them with pleasure.

And sorry for my frenglish…

Morell, are you ok if i add the Mapeadores logo to the thumbnail?

I didn’t check how to export physics, bones or animation yet… But you can watch the files from the CT model we decompile (physics, bones, and animation smd files, and the QC that match all of that), to try to understand and replicate this.