Next event is coming soon, exactly in 2 weeks (23/07/2017) and we have to choose which map we should play.


Yes bois


I vote for Deadcore.
Plz, why it isn’t on the list? o_O

Santa we did so many times, Luck_maters don’t need an event, Minecraft plz we won it many times…
I just dunno bioshock (really need an event?). Only Westersand requires an event.


Westersand? ese dia no estoy por el server



Y la cyberderp?


Id vote for deadcore too, I prefer it over those maps for an event


I’d like deadcore aswell but there is not final version.


I don’t even think westersand really needs an event to quite honest, I think possibly Diddle, dead core, sandstorm would be prime candidates. Diddle is actually getting a v2 released very soon so if anything this will fix and balance things out making it even more beatable. Extreme santa will be fun though if it gets voted :slight_smile:

EDIT: In fact, it was released literally today, conventional actually!


Since the new Diddle vesrion is out can we add it in the list?


Westersand doesnt really need an event, it has been beaten multiple times already


As the player responsible for westersand on csgo, there is a version after z6 that I kind of did for this server (as well as all other communities that do not have the sv_airaccelerate command locked) as well as the map overall being a tad more difficult. I’d like to see it on the server sometime soon but I will say even z9 may not be event worthy.

If westersand does win, then upload z9 to the server as well.


Lel play my map

Ze Project Alcaria V.2.4



Ze_Bioshock, we beat Westersand many times.

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Bioshock is a big map, a map with many items, textures and random colors, it has 5 levels it seems to me and it is quite difficult to pass but not impossible, Westersand is always the same map shit as any final fantasy map, Monotonous , Repetitive, low-quality and boring textures. If you really want to have fun on the day of the event, vote for bioshock, mappers need you!



Bioshock wins.


yeah you’re right Polanski, westersand isn’t a big map with 5 levels, many items and textures. you just need to learn how to play it.
and astor it is a tie so can we settle the winner and not go for bioshock just because b comes before f…

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Not really, server has not many chances to beat Bioshock and Westersand as many people said is beaten daily. I just want to be fair, but i have an “idea” for the event, that you will see soon.


Do bioshock…not that I’m going anyway. z9 has been beaten a considerable amount of times despite my buffs at hand.

The big reason I ported this specific version because I would like to see at least a port with updated logic. Yes this map is repetitive but there are some things to enjoy. I thought pirates despite the different paths is a lot more repetitive than wester (or at least not as designed well).


Astornauta u says; “Bioshock wins” and then says “I have idea to play Westersand and Bioshock”, what are you going to do?

The map is good but its colors, graphics, textures and visuals are very ugly and seem to be playing CSS, as well as mako and wanderers, very ugly texture maps. Bioshock has much more potential in that sense and its levels are nothing repetitive.


Relajate, primero de todo te comento que en ningun momento he dicho que vayamos a jugar los dos mapas. El evento en principio va a ser de Bioshock, pero me gustaría hacer otra cosa con Westersand porque si no la gente se quejará, y no sería justo aunque se pase diariamente.