Weekly Events

Hello guys , TNLE group has decided to do weekly events on Mapeadores server , Our goal is to beat difficult and tryhard maps such as Pirates_port royal , Tesv_skyrim , Frostdrake and the maps that we haven’t beaten on the server before , And Since we can extend a map twice , We’ll have enough time to beat every single map if we work as a team and play well ,And if all those maps are already played we’ll nominate and vote for the most difficult map available ( not already played ) , The events are going to be on every Saturday evening at 22:00 Server time ( 21:00 GMT ) , If you Want to beat all those maps as well don’t forget to join us , Thanks , ZoLiX’


Sorry I don’t understand you


22h00 server time is 20h00 GMT no?

Awesome, lets do this!

No wan , 22:00 server time is 21:00 GMT

this Saturday I can’t… but I’ll try to be in future events :wink:

We beat the kraken for this first event :cool:
We also beat Barbosa after the Kraken!.. But we fail after that.
Was sooooooo close to the win :frowning: