[Winners] Mapeadores Prey Inauguration Mapping Contest


First of all, thank you all for participating in the first Prey game mode mapping contest. All the maps were up to the task of being part of the game mode’s mapping line-up.

List of winners:

  1. @Hichatu prey_dystopia:
    The judges praised the detailed visuals and care put into the overal environment for the map. The excelent technical execution — 5/5 rated by all judges — is paired with a large, replayable map with secrets and areas to explore. Judges agreed that the map may fall short in terms of innovation and gameplay, remarking that the map does not offer holding points or barricades that stand out versus other Prey maps. However, the veredict is unanimous: Dystopia is the most polished submission to the contest.

  2. @Raphi prey_bedroom:
    Bedroom was a superbly strong contest entry, with the highest ranked Gameplay across all maps — 3.88/5. With strong aesthetics and execution, it is no wonder that judges highly rated a map that introduces pump mines, parachutes, and teleports to easily traverse a voluminous French room. Although some spots were overpowered and the map doesn’t adjust itself to the number of players in the server, it well deserves its silver medal.

  3. @T3RM1N4T0R prey_lego:
    Lego is a strong contender: rated the most innovative map by all judges (2.92/5), it combines polished aesthetics and a particularly detailed 3D skybox with holds and props that are different from any other map. The judges specially enjoyed the underground traps, the consistency of the lego theme, and the attentive execution. Gameplay wise, judges commented that the map might be unbalanced when few players are on the server given its size, and suggested that the underground area might be too dark and easy to hold. Nevertheless, the cheerful theme and quality gameplay fully deserves its third place.

Other mentions:

  • Most innovative runner-up: @MK!NG prey_gnik_spacestation:
    MK!NG’s spacestation is the most innovative runner-up: from its dynamic area system that adjusts to player counts, to an external low-gravity area that is seriously fun. Judges were divided on the aesthetics, with some of them feeling that the map had no cohesive theme and could use some additional polish. The limited number of hold spots when the whole map is not open could also be improved — but overall Gnik Spacestation delivers an enjoyable map for both full servers and lower population counts!

  • Best aesthetics runner-up: @lameskydiver_chinny prey_annex:
    Chinny’s airport is a sweet homage to the many Zombie Escape maps that the community loves. As the best looking runner up, its theme is well polished and captures the player with a well-executed design. However, judges remarked that gameplay might have unbalanced spots such as the vents, and be repetitive, specially as there are no specific areas or systems that make the map stand out from the rest. In any case, the thrill of holding the plane from a horde of Aliens is a sight to behold!

  • @ZpLit prey_tarkov_wars:
    Judges agreed that Tarkov Wars has promising design, specially on indoor areas. However, they had concerns about outside areas feeling rather empty, and gameplay being lacking due to the limited size of the map. As a map for lower populations, judges agreed the map would only need a few added hold areas to be an enjoyable introduction for the gamemode as a whole.

  • @Spaick prey_verruckt
    Although Verruckt is a visually polished map, judges were less convinced about gameplay due to the lack of viable spots and props to build barricades. Some invisible walls and solid vegetation props made traversing through the map less intuitive and enjoyable that it could have been. However, the theme is well crafted and follows the original COD map closely — which judges praised and recommended refining upon with more Prey adaptations!

  • @Faramour prey_vercetti_state:
    Judges agree — Vercetti Estate is a good idea but with poor execution. Despite having many different rooms, they often look alike and have no detail or polish whatsoever. The outdoor area contains no holdable spots, and the gameplay offers no surprises whatsoever. In spite of this, the design of the mansion was praised for its similarity to the original, with judges recommending that the mapper release a full version soon.


Congrats to everyone !