[Winners] Mapeadores Zombie Apocalypse Contest

After nearly 4 long months, the results for the contest are here! 22 submitted maps in total, with a couple being late and/or updated after the deadline. An impressive number for an impressive prize pool!

These are the runner up prizes, just barely scratching top 3, but worthy of a prize nevertheless!

Best Aesthetic Runner Up - ze_SANCTUARY_v1_2 by Hichatu
A clear winner to the best aesthetics runner-up. Sanctuary places you in a beautiful marbled castle, and then throws zombies at you for you to cover the whole thing in blood. Players seemed to enjoy the cave-dropdown the most. It was clear that the mapper spent a lot of time figuring out the aesthetics of the map.

Most Innovative Runner Up - ze_cruelty_squad_v1_1 by Longus Dongus
A weird yet wonderful map. Faithful to the original game, Cruelty Squad has a lot of interesting mechanics, featuring a spinning room puzzle, odd triggers and an awesome visual style that totally fits the chaos that you’ll experience. Probably a crowd favourite too, when the map is fully optimized, we can see it being a regularly played map!

The best up and coming mapper(s), this was a bit of an oddball prize but worth to have!

Best Up-And-Coming Mapper - ze_depths_b1_1 by Luffy and Nyafi
A beautiful underground temple-esque map, which is even more impressive that it was the mappers’ first map (atleast on GameBanana)! This map has a lot of cool triggers and has plentiful zombie shortcuts to keep both teams engaged. Featuring a drivable car and keys to open doors, as per the contest guidelines suggested to have. Definitely the most impressive first map out of the submissions.

And now for the winners…

3rd place - ze_ubermenschen_b2 by Haryde, Kotya, Friend and Microsoft
Ubermenschen is a truely unique map for Zombie Escape, playing more like GMOD ZS or Left 4 Dead. The mappers put an incredible amount of effort into the map, by far one of the best submissions of the contest. It’s got unique gameplay and something for everyone! Definitely a unique take on Zombie Escape as we know it.

2nd place - ze_uranus_attack_b4 by Raphi
In classic Raphi style, Uranus Attack came second place. Uranus Attack has a unique style which has been perfected with every new map Raphi has made. It combines good visuals with unique storytelling, with some interesting mechanics and gimmicks along the way. A well balanced map with a couple of checkpoints to keep players engaged.

1st place - ze_endemic_v1 by Chinny
By far the winner by a mile. Endemic meshes both great aesthetics with simple yet intriguing innovative mechanics. The map is incredibly dynamic, allowing humans to choose their path and allowing zombies to pick their spawn, even to spawn ahead of the humans at times (with a glow and low HP). It has incredible replay value to due to how dynamic it is, and was a favourite among judges!

Thank you to all those who submitted, judged, playtested and sponsored! Hopefully we can do more of these in the future, and congratulations to the winners! (Please DM me your PayPals if you won a prize at Hichatu#1337).

The full judging spreadsheet/scoresheet can be found here:


animu robbed, congrats to all the winners tho!


Nice, Haven’t played in a while but these maps are a good reason to start again!