Would like my money back from supporter


i would like my money back as a supporter ur admins abuse there powers ban me for giving my opinion about a map then getting voice banned… like wtf didnt know the whole server was a north korea state.
so give me my money back or i will get it back my self with paypal get ur admins inline.


The admin that was leading the map told you to stop saying bullshit in the mic, he warned you twice or more. but you keep talking


The refund has been proceeded.


as i joined yes i mumbled in the mic. i stopped. 30 mins after the map got extented twiece i said it was a shitty map and we should rtv. he told me to sut the fuck up. with i replied i could fking say that if i fucking want to give my opinion. so stop kissing balls.


so i have seen thanks for your profecional behavior.