Wrongful ban

2 week ban for “boosting” on korea when I was, in fact, not boosting on Korea, just playing AWP, like I’ve done for the past weeks/months on korea.

Check the logs, see if any of the zombies I supposedly boosted ended up killing half the human team (as they would if they were actually boosted), and you’ll see I didn’t boost any zombie this time on korea, all I did was play AWP, as I always do on Korea.

He forced me to be boosted and i can confirm i didn’t kill half of the human team, only 15 humans.
I had an awful time to be boosted, i’m deeply mentally shocked.


Everyone was boosting everyone, but for a good cause, the server was full of baboons.


Offtopic: if anyone deserves a concrete ban it’s this troll Scaevola who picked up indispensable items on Dreamin lvl3 and dropped them in the void only to laugh about it and say something like “items are for noobs”. He got just a week long one and he’s been trolling for months.

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Scaevola is just a troll like porretas was, he’ll be gone with him soon if he keeps it up


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Man just delete Trash Korea everytime we play that map everyone is trolling maybe it was over played af or still is and people got enough of it only f2p vote for whats 70% of the server. #BRINGBACKSUPERSHITSHOW

I think you deserved it Shibo as many other people deserve a ban for trolling at Korea. Unfortunately your own fault bro ;)!

Classic ban jajajaj…

This time I didn’t troll, so therefore it was a wrongful ban, which got reduced.

If I got caught trolling, I’d accept it, but when I’m not trolling and get banned for trolling, I won’t.

Since the ban is resolved, case closed.


free my guy,…