So it all started yesterday when I said “well gg ez” and that kid (or mental disabled) “Blue Ranger” muted me. Today I was on the server today when this retard came in and started to threaten everyone. Like who the f*ck you’re to say that? Obviously I wouldn’t keep silent and said “Ranger is the biggest kid on this server, don’t give him attention, it’s all he wants” and seems I got muted for that.
I actually don’t care about the ban/mute itself, what annoys me is how they give decision power to someone who does not deserve or who uses power for their own benefit?


That behave exactly what got you muted … first you were spamming like a little kid (laughing every second) and you got muted by other admin … not me … i only gagged you cuz you were salty about it
Next time i will permanent mute you …
have a nice day


but but… first you said that you didn’t do anything but then you say that you did. Where is the coherence?

“Next time i will permanent mute you” this exactly the behavior you had on server, “I’m a god and no one can touch me” lmao Kim Jong-un go back to North Korea.


I said i only gagged you (CHAT MUTE) you got (VOICE CHAT MUTE) by other admin
i hop you understand This , and yes for “I’m a god and no one can touch me” …THAT’S ME ^^
Have a nice day …


Yelm, a lot of people love Blue Ranger and enjoy playing and talking with him on mapea. Maybe you should look inwards and see if maybe you didnt have some of the blame for being banned?

I have 1200+hours on mapea with this acc and that behaviour doesnt at all depict how I have experienced Blue Ranger, hence I suspect your version is not the entire truth or a shaded truth. I trust he made the right call.