Hey, it’s me Manlio and I want to introduce you my first zombie escape map.

Map Theme and items

The map is set on a space station and the scope is escape from the cryogenic rooms, through the station up to the spaceships.
Humans have available items such as:

  • Flame thrower: with 60s of usage, press E to turn ON fire and press again to momentarily stop it;

  • BlackHoleGravity: this shoot a orb in front of you that catch zombie and push them back;

  • FreezeGun: freeze in a straight line in front of you all zombiefew seconds;

For zombies there is SptAcid item, only one for now and other items could be introduced to balance gameplay if needed on next versions.

Particular parts of the map are three way hold in which need to way in the middle until a massage say which door opened, an experimentation room with some sleeping NPC (don’t wake them up!), a Boos fight and a final spaceship hangar to escape, with some lasers.

Hope you like it and since is my first map could be some defects or bugs so fell free to report them on steam or discord.

alien1 alien2 alien3 alien4 alien5


Brush work looks really good for a first map!
Can’t wait to test it :slight_smile:


I just was going to say that @Raphi 10/10 @Manlio_VII Good work dude It has a fucking boss fight and itema gooood shit i remember my map sucks wiyh a skybox around the whole map what an idiot…



Feedbacks are really important to make map better, so here I am!
The map was really nice, especially for a first work, however there are few visual and gameplay parts you should improve to make it 100% enjoyable:

  • Physic props should be changed to static, players are using them to block each others and I believe it makes the server lag a bit.
  • It was really hard to understand which door was going to open during first tries, you should put some arrow, or color the doors that will open (perhaps using prop_***_glow ?) to help us find the right way.
  • Zombie TP were a bit random and teleporting where we were covering. You should teleport zombies before holding spot, or wait for next door to open. Here if we don’t doorhug we will be teleported with zombies.
  • The small ladders around the map weren’t easy to take, mostly because the holes were to small. You should make these path a bit bigger.
  • One advice Enviolinador gave me when I playtested my first zombie escape map on CSS (what a rude man), use playerclip on stairs to avoid bumping effect, it just make it smoother :slight_smile:
  • You should remove “EXIT” props above doors that we aren’t not supposed to take, it can be confusing.
  • The ladder in the big room is not easy to climb, we are a lot on it so it’s easy to fall down and die, you can add something like a wall or a fence on the side to make it easier :smile:
  • Having a window for zombies to watch the boss fight is always appreciated
  • There is something weird with the lighting, I guess it’s because of the floor texture, I think you’ve put a glowing texture, so it’s really shiny everywhere, you should change this one, or remove the glowing effect :slight_smile:
  • the corridor behind the boss can be seen through the window. If you want to fix it, you can texture the outside (if there is skybox around) or you can simply “close” the window from where I took the screen, that would be a snicky trick
  • You should disable the collision of this kind of door. I had some trouble entering the room while I was shooting because of the corners in the bottom

That’s all for me! I hope it will help you to make the map better :blush:


Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback, i will made all this suggested changes. And would to thanks everyone who help me at #mapping Mapeadores discord server.


You can also try to fix this with func_areaportal.
Place the areaportal where the door is and link it to the door - when the door opens also open the areaportal, when the door closes, close the areaportal.


To fix the Boss room skybox i tried by using areapotals in every position/way, for now i will texture that skybox side to avoid rendering next areas.

I have made some changes for the new version _a2:
Executed almost all suggested tips;
Replaced some textures;
Improved lights;
Add 2 secret items: Radio for humans and C4 for zombies;
Add a secret Boss controlled by zombie that on trigger replace the NPC Boss;
Add a bonus event trigger by zombie that start with a alarm sound and a different ending;


Making some changes at “Farsight Bizon’s Utility Closet” item, i am adding aim-based wall maker in replacement to BlackHoleGravity item (that cause zm boost). This item will spawn a wall that will block only zombies, to avoid trolls and teamkills, it has a 40s cd with a 10s duration.