-Gimmicks (broke many rules here, as I’m sure many others did)
-Custom textures for pretty much everything
-9 minutes of gameplay
-A very silly spawn that will rip apart relationships

Probably unplayable. Working title. I wanted two paths but I couldn’t think fast enough. I also thought the map would end up being max 7 minutes in length and that ended up far from true. It could very well exceed 9 minutes. How long it takes depends on teamwork. It’s scaled in amount of players so things could be horribly imbalanced or stupid fast. Players may have trouble with the button holds near the end of the map. You need to mash the buttons (+USE, or E) as fast as possible. The more players there are pressing the faster you will progress. I’ll probably do a bit of polish to the map soon after the event.


looks nice but i think it will get fast boring