Ze_eden_a2 (Contest)



I made this pile of trash, I’m sorry for it’s existence but maybe you’ll find some of the hold ideas/things i did cool. I’m planning to work on it more after the contest but this was made in my very admittedly small spare time that popped up towards the end of the contest period.

It has a couple gimmicks, a couple holds need to be triggered by touching cubes and i should really make this more obvious/consistent, but for now it is what it is.

The boss is tricky and will probably need nerfs, im not actually sure all the attacks work as intended but time (and testing) will tell.

I also need to swap out physics stuff for some doors but don’t worry about it:

I present to you



OH, there’s also an item, called the (de)BUGGER, it’s meant to fire a beam where your gun is pointing when you press E but it might be a little bugged, the zombie at the end of the beam gets slowed for 6 seconds.


Updated to a2, fixed some bugs, have fun.