Ze_einstein_v1 (Contest)



Beware, this is my very first CS:GO map whatsoever. I enjoy programming, 3D modelling as hobbies but had never used Hammer SDK before. Therefore, I can guarantee neither full playability nor quality. But I must say that it was really fun to create it and that I sincerely hope people will have fun playing it.

I consider this map to be quite difficult because some parts require a minimum of teamwork, while others require a minimum of moving skill. Also, I am afraid that trolling and being a retard might not help in finishing the map. But if people are having fun doing that, I understand :slight_smile:

Mapeadores is undeniably the best Zombie Escape server out there, and it has been for years. I have been playing there mainly with another account, but now I play with this account: Kurt von Kolmar.

Here is a basic presentation of ze_einstein_v1:

Map Concept: Albert Einstein, Math, and Madness.
Map Duration: 10 min approx.
Subjective Difficulty: Hard
Spawn Number: 80
Alternative Route: 1
Teleports: Yes
Triggers: Yes

Youtube Walkthrough Video (Warning! Spoiler Alert):