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I hope every one is doing good.

When @Enviolinador said “i’m making a thread about the map contest” I was anxious to see it. I letterly was reloading mapeadpres website every single minute, envi said that’s gonna take a bit of time, the next day i was playing matchmaking around 4pm, then i got spammed by the link of the thread on TRLG discord, Mapeadores discord #mapping, #announcement, i jumped in i start reading i came cross (Any map you submit should be a map you designed specifically for this contest.Previously released maps that you extend to include one of the provided gameplay systems will not qualify.)
I was like (f-uck) “i was thinking to finnish ze_epic_escape and participate on that moment i was like (i f-ucked up)”.
I stopped thinking about the contest, after few days i was reading #mapping @Fraz0r said it will be funny to make a fifa map, boom i got the idea i start thinking how to make it how to make the soccer system, i jumped into youtube i watched a guy playing soccer map i said ok this is the first step i had to ask him few things i contacted him he didn’t respond.
So i had to find someone else and the good thing i found Ulreth he made a soccer map 3years ago, i ask him if i can remake his map into ZE version he said ye sure just credit me after asking envi OFC, i decompile the map and “WOW” the soccer system is really complicated, after checking it i undrstand i said ok lets stay away from this system it was way to complicated i took 2hr to understand it so envi helped me out with soccer system , i hade to remove the cloakroom, i had to saved the staduim texturs like the grass the supporters and more …
But it will be boring so i was thinking to add some porn website texturs after that i got a new idea like adding some orgasm and moaning voices .

  • the map is a minigame .

  • there will be some porngraphe (high-voltage “boner”) in side the toilet you need to make the password to open that door.

  • some items spawn on the bignning of the game and extra items will spawn after a team make the goal .

  • the last team standing is the winner + the team who make the goal.

Thanks Everyone, (Sorry for grammar.)


FIFA map ?
like football game lion ?

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ohhh boy cant wait to play in the toilets :cucumber:

Map Screenshots



it’s up now on gamebanana.