Ze_illya_b4 (cs:go port a2)


I’m not gonna make a big post about this, but I finally ported ze_illya to csgo. Map isn’t finished, as the original is only in beta. Looking for any feedback, or bugs. There are no items. Maybe there will be one day. After making ze_bioshock, I miss maps that don’t rely on items to win.

No, its not a Fate/Kaleid map, the name is coincidence.


  • 5 unique stages
  • Varied gameplay, covering ze with zm segments
  • Various custom materials, models, particles
  • Several interactive cinematics

About this project
This map was originally based on an photo found on in early 2017. It changed a lot as I heard more about Cyberpunk 2077. The design of the city section was based very vaguly on what I felt that game could look like, before screenshots were available. Although, due to engine limitations, it lacks a lot of detail. Hopefully over time this can be optimised and visually improved.


See the gamebanana post for more details:
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