[ZE] oh come on dont be so easy pissed off


Apologise if this topic violate any rules in this section

First, I’m not native english speaker or spanish, just another man try to survive alone on this planet. Yes, I dont speak via mic or type fast. But it can’t change the fact you(so many admins I dont know which one you is) banned me just for a little joke, maybe it’s too big for you and two other guy yelling too much for them. The first few rounds there was one time when a guy jumped and killed the whole team, I saw this before but never try it once, then for the last round I think okay it’s the last round so why not try this trick once, then two guy jumped out and keep yelling “bann him” “!admin”. Who is gonna punish another one so hard just for the first time, I won’t say a word if you bann me when on my second try for the same thing . First, I bought supporter should earn some more tolarences and warnings before the final execution made without a word and just for some other persons says, second, it is so unfair when I help others you can’t see but only focusing on what mistake I made. If you really think this is bad, I apologize and hope you can take this from me for I will never do this again.


Hello, you and so many others thinking that buying supporter will give you more tolerance when breaking the rules, that is wrong in so many levels. You are donating to support the server and in exchange you get some goodies.

I would, and you knew what was gonna happen yet you did thinking “oh im gonna do it once, admins won’t do anything”. It doesn’t work like that


Ya it wasnt a big deal for just 2 hours, I wrote this when I thought it’s a perma one. And also good to hear from your explaination, I wasnt even know server change its default language before created this topic. Glad to see server finally switch to english, so many others like me can have a good look.Also glad to know the sbans and seeing many others got ban for trolling and edging reasons, feeling really comfortable.

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