ZE/RAT Mandrigan's House


[10/15/18 Update !]

Hi everyone !

One month ago, i decided to reproduce my apartment as a map for CS:GO. I wasn’t convinced at all because i work a lot, got 2 kids and not so much time on my hands. But today, I think that i’m in a good way to finish it, not now but I’m on my way.
I’m doing every textures and every models by myself, (DSLR Camera, Photoshop, Blender, CrazyBump, Pixplant) it’s a huge work but I like it.
I like to put traps and scripted effects to add some interactions in the map.
I’m posting here because i want some advices and opinions. Do you think it’s on a good way ? According to screens and video, will you play it ? Do you like the layout ?
Every critics are welcome !

[B][COLOR=#000000]RAT/ZE Mandrigan's House[/COLOR][/B]
  • Whats the Map about?

Well, i’m reproducing my whole apartment ! ( See the layout below )

       I decided to add a Boss to the map ! See the screenshots !
  • Total Hours Spent Making the Map

80 hours when i posted this topic but according to Steam i’m at 200 hours now. (?)

  • Completion Percentages :

About 20 or 25%

  • Currently Working On

Finish the bathroom/restroom. Boss Room and Boss Animations

Layout :

  • 10/15/18 Update : After a long break, i’m finally able to continue this map. Still much to do but i got enough free time to do it !

  • Boss Screenshots :

  • Video :

Thanks Everyone ! (Sorry for grammar i’m not a native English speaker)


Looks really good! I like how detailed it is and the interactiveness of it! But I’m curious of how will you make it playable for ZE mode.


We already talked on Discord (get on it, people!), but it’s looking good so far. Looking at it again now I wonder: did you increase light map scale or render distance for cascade lighting? The light coming in from that window looks extra crisp.


Thanks! To be honest, I like ZE Escape but I prefer the old good Zombie Mode. When you try to hide and build barriers with props ! That’s how I see this map :slight_smile:

Thanks, lightmap Scale of 8 if I remember well.


Thanks! To be honest i like Ze Escape Mode but I prefer the old good Zombie Mod. The one where you hide with a bunch of guys and you try to place props to save your lives !

If I remember well, the floor got a Lightmap scale of 8 !


Although a little stalled right now, Mapeadores started building a new game mode, similar to old ZM but more dynamic and adjusted for CS:GO’s player base. Not for this map, but if you’re interested for a future project, new maps was what really felt missing. This is a video of a playtest we did:


Hey it looks really promising ! We should talk about it someday, i used to work alone but i’ll be glad to help you with your project :slight_smile:


Update 10/15/18 : Imgur album is updated, a little video to see what’s going on. I was busy but i got enough free time now to continue the map !