ze_skill_escape_v0 by acememe


Some weeks ago I started mapping, and finally i finished my 1st map. I hope you enjoy it, remember is a 1st map. It’s full tested and seems it’s working fine.

It’s an skill based ze escape map, including KZ parts, BHOP parts, other skill parts and lasers.

Linear map, increasing difficulty in 4 stages (1 level), no checkpoints.

Difficulty: probably hard



please, use this last version 00. thanks.

haha funny map and im true escaper now! nice1

rllyyy goooood map funny but a little bit hard for new people :slight_smile:

Fun map to play !

Hey dude it’s finally done good job :slight_smile: ,it’s well made for a first map and i hope we can play it soon on mapea to see some good trim and panic in people eyes :eek: .
I was a dreamer , watching meme :smiley:

thank you all, i need to fix some error due to missing model.

I hope, v000, will be the “last”

Find attached below the link

great map, fun and well made for first map. i wuld like to see this on mapea