一些关于ZE的建议 Some suggestions about ZE

希望管理能看到我这篇帖子。希望每个ZE玩家都被尊重和善待。GL HF :心:

I am a ZE player from China. I started playing on this server six years ago. Although I quit for two years, I am now back again. I am posting this time to make some suggestions. I hope that the server can launch more paid items, similar to paid skins, which are not included in supporter, and its models can be more refined and more attractive. There is also hope that there will be paid extra bullets, for example, to 300 rounds on the basis of 150 rounds in Negev. All firearms have twice as many bullets. As a person who likes to walk behind the team, I am always troubled by bullet problems. I also considered that the extra bullets might make the game unbalanced. If doubling the bullets will make the game very unbalanced, can you consider increasing the number of bullets on a reasonable basis? The other is that the number of people who use extra bullets can be controlled by controlling the price. I think if a paid project for additional bullets is introduced, the price can be charged from 70 to 100 euros a year. I will definitely buy it because it is worth it for me. Regarding the charges for paid skins, I refer to the China ZE server. I think the fee for paid skins can be between 60 and 80 euros, but this is for permanent use. This also guarantees the particularity of paying players. Regarding the specific price, you can refer to the fineness of each skin model. It is also possible to opt out of some more expensive skins, as long as it is worth it. From my personal point of view and perspective, regarding the models of paid skins, I suggest to use some TRON skins similar to those currently used by DIOS and COSMOS, which I find very cool. In China’s ZE server, the paid skins are almost all two-dimensional female characters, I don’t like them very much. These are some of my personal suggestions. Because I don’t know the server’s maintenance costs and rental fees, I think adding some paid items appropriately can make the server better.
Then there are some of my questions about the game. I don’t know how to quickly buy grenades and incendiary bombs, which bothers me a lot.
Hope the management can see my post. Hope that every ZE player will be respected and treated well.GL HF :心: