ze_SUMAI_facility (Frankencontest)


Hello people, another english post!

I’m working on a multi stage zombie escape map for the January’s Frankencontest.

  • Stage 1 is currently completed and has been playtested, the majority liked the map which made me happy.
  • The first level is very linear and features bunch of holds, opening doors, elevator, moving platform.
  • Before reaching the end you face a boss fight which has been fine tuned. The boss has 3 abilities; melee slash, rock throw and leap smash. All of these while chasing after you and demolishing your team. Big thanks to Luffaren for vscript to make him move!
  • Check out the boss video in spoiler below.
But that's not all. Custom stuff! Custom stuff!!
  • This super duper scary monster that will make you cry.

  • Map items and weapons!

  • Reanimated Zombie model to act as NPC.

  • Custom Human models!

  • Various VScripts to make the map more fun (I hope). For example; after killing boss it will print in chat how long it took to kill the boss, how many shots were fired during the fight and how many people died.

For stage 2 it’s currently very early in development and I have sadly nothing to show yet. I hope to finish it before the contest ends and add stage 3 after contest. Slim chance of stage 4 in far future.

By the way other mappers!

My models used in this map are free to use and you don’t have to ask me if you want to use something, but make sure to credit me. None of these models popped out of air and they took personal time to make.

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The boss looks awesome dude, i’m speechless when i saw the detail of the map.


Some stage 2 early pictures



Bit more of stage 2



Some more stage 2



Small update


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More really boring hallways



Finally released on Gamebanana.


I added the link on the first post.

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