!zmirror for steam group members/ !zmirror para miembros del grupo steam

in my opinion it would be nice if there was a command to watch your player from the front, because many players (who are not supporter) do not know what are the skins of vip rewards, or even those that are equipped, for example: I am currently silver, and I’m not sure if my combine skin has changed to white (and I’ll probably never know for sure, since minors can not create a paypal account) so I think there should be! zmirror, it would be for steam group members, or for players who hit the vip bronze (to keep them from being confused as to their color and class)

Well mate if u use !tiempovip u can see how many hr did u spend on the server and if u type !vip u cans see how vip works and for the skin if u type !zclass u can choose a skin after finnishing the hr for the vip and we do have !thirdp but only for supporters so they can see what color they are using wich model ext

Hey, adding to what Li-ion said, you can also ask people in-game a simple question: “What skin do I have on now”?, !zclass will also show the skin you can use based on your !tiempovip, Supporters (aka donators) can get !firstp (first person) and !thirdp (third-person) since Supporters have more edit options to their skin in-game.
What do you mean by “Minors cannot create a paypal account”. Everyone can make a paypal account but you need to have a bank account/debit/credit card in order to buy things with paypal. If you can’t donate or don’t have a credit card I can pay a month or 2 for you.

Really? it would be wonderful