Zombie Escape Videos


Hello Mapeadores community, I have created a thread for people to post videos of map wins on the Mapeadores Zombie Escape server. Please post any and all videos in this thread in future! Thanks.


I’m going to start off with my newest video which i recorded a few hours ago , Hope you enjoy .


Yo dejo mi Ăşltimo vĂ­deo. Espero que os guste :smiley:


Awesome stuff guys!


No me imaginaba que acabaríamos el mapa con ese número de personas, incluyendo el de Gris, es más, no me esperaba ganar esas dos, incluyendo el de Predator y el de Pirates, ahora solo me falta el de Mako.
(I didn’t think than we finish the map with that amount of people, including Gris, it’s more, i didn’t hope win that two including Predator and Pirates. Now it’s time for Mako)
Pongo tu vĂ­deo de Gris, Cisneros:


Don’t leave toaster out


The fastest frostdrake win so far(1min dragon slain)


Another Pirates win… But this time was REAL hot with kraken!
Watch at 40s, kraken launched his ultima, but died just before we hitted the water. Just EPIC ^^

And a shortened video with only this epic kill at the last 20ms


So close on kraken, really good job.


Pirates Port royal Stage 5 win ! best win ever , (almost a fail though :smiley: )


Biggest win on mapeadores so far. 54@kraken 31 won the map.


Skyrim Stage 5 Win -First time that Mapeadores beat the map (We beat the map An hour after Morell put the map in nomination list)


This is my first video. ENJOY


You could add the server name or IP in the videos (title or description)?


Yeah, i forgot to do this with this one ^^
Usually i do it. I will change that

Edit: done


Posting on behalf of DW


Hello guys , here’s an awesome video of Mako extreme 2 Duo win w/ Best mic spammers . They would have been muted in any other context but since it was a map win and we were celebrating it they didn’t get muted . I hope Morell makes an exception and forgive us for that :smiley:


-Wakes up in the morning before work
-Makes coffee and sits on the computer
-joins the server
-Opens in his browser
-He says: oh Zolix uploaded a new video, lets check it out and…
“What the fuck did my server turn into?”


Hey guys, recently we beat mako again. DW upload the video right now so i put it


Otro video por que si!