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In a time span of less than 24 hours, 3 different versions of the same map—which is not finished by the mapper in CS:S—have been posted here. I think we’re gonna have different definitions of ‘qualitatively’ and ‘do it normally’. Besides, Syoudous already detailed a ton of feedback in his post—and that probably doesn’t cover it all.

As a mapper, I have already told you that the sanest advice would be:

  • Instead of porting maps, create new things.
  • If you’re going to port maps, make sure they won’t get updated any time soon (or at all).
  • For maps that won’t get updated any time soon, contact the mapper (if available) and ask them if it’s OK to port the map to CS:GO.
  • When porting, strive to make ports that look better than their CS:S counterpart, are the same size or less and won’t cause mid-to-long-term problems. Never modify what the mapper intended any more than to ensure the map is playable on CS:GO.
  • Carefully check your ports to avoid releasing 3 different versions (each of them incurring in a 74MB download if compressed) in less than 24 hours. This implies running through the map several times, both locally and on a test server, before releasing anything.
  • Probably just do 1., skip steps 2 to 5.

Finally, a reminder: most remaining CS:S mappers are capable enough to port their maps themselves. If they don’t want to do it, or don’t want to do it yet, they might have some reason.




Map: ze_dreamin_v1_6
Played on other servers a few times, seems like an alright map
Sorry if it’s been posted or talked about before.


It has a few issues which Syoudous already told the mapper about in the game banana page. It’s the latest comment there.

I think we discussed it on Discord already and it wasn’t merged into this thread. This is what Syou said:

[CODE]ze_dreamin_v1_6 - Won’t test on the server.

Map was renamed after compile (ze_dreamin_t4 to ze_dreamin_v1_6) leading to broken cubemaps.
Everyone with a player model with cubemaps (reflections) will essentionally glow blue.
Valve pushing for custom hand models now with cubemaps will show this glaring effect now.
Lacking full 32/32 player spawns, map has 26/26.

The player spawns are what really turn it down.[/CODE]

I also think Astor talked with someone to talk with the mapper. If/when he does the appropriate fixes, it can be tested.


Just a few maps on gamebanana I thought looked nice;

Ze_Tyranny_v5_csgo2 & ze_pidaras_v1_4fix3_ez1 AND/OR ze_pidaras_v1_4fix3_e9

Tyranny -

I believe that the ‘ez1’ at the end of the first Pidaras means Easy and thus is a easier version of the normal Pidaras.
Again, sorry if any have been posted or talked about before.


Those have the concerns I raised before about being poor quality ports that don’t address crucial things that might lead to issues down the road. You can see that Tyranny’s uploader is the same as l0v0l, and Pidaras’ has been mentioned earlier in Discord, in fact at the same time as ze_dreamin. Here is what Syou pointed out about it:


There’s a new version of ze_tilex_ultimate (ze_tilex_ultimate_v2_12).

I think that it’s an interesting map, with 5 levels (plus RTV level), alternate paths (changing from level to level) and a boss fight at the end of level 5 (gallery).


I dont know maybe the maps some users are posting have some issues, but we can at least test them to see if they caan work.
i know you want everything to work perfectly but in the end the mapper cannot change the map so it fits only mapeadores server.
You cant just keep saying no to every map the users post, we can for example use Sundays to test those maps, if they dont work ofc we dont use them. But at least try testing them, saying no beforehand in the end will the server not have any new maps.
I propose 3 maps, maybe they were proposse before, but i think we can try testing them.


Map name: ze_FFXII_Westersand_v7_z_b3 by Hydregion
Map Size: 140 mb (unzipped)
Spawn points(if known): 64
Download Link:
Nav file:
Has items(Yes/No): Yes
Entwatch cfg:

Edit: Links dead. Waiting on Hydregion to repost.


Since there are about 5 people porting the map to date and Slayerdragon is doing a new version in CS:S, it would be good to know if he’s ok with this version over the others. It would be a mess to have several versions, each with their own issues and fixes, running concurrently and perhaps being requested and whatnot. If someone can contact the original mapper directly and have him say whatever version’s fine by him—or none, if he’d rather wait to get his own version out and then get that one ported.

Also, if there had been more than 3 versions in less than 24 hours, perhaps give it some time to stabilise (1-2 days). A slew of bug-fix versions usually comes together.


I’m here interested, those who prefer to make maps for CSS like masochism? Just wondering what is the point of doing content for a half-dead game, given that there is a developing CSGO with hundreds of thousands of players around the world.


They probably think those who prefer to make maps for CS:GO are masochists, considering they have to put up with people with no regard for mappers, what they do, or what they want.

CS:GO community servers don’t have hundreds of thousands of players either—we’re a minimal percentage of the player base. I sort of see why, seeing certain attitudes. People should ask themselves why a game with a far larger game base has produced much less content over time—perhaps there’s something mappers don’t enjoy.


this map from Luffaren, Turtle Reactions, Hichatu, The Ordiaxer, qazlll456


We tested this map last night, ya missed it!


Yea…I didn’t even want this map to be suggested to this community yet. b3 isn’t even stable (Kind of rushed because I was out of town, sorry :)).
There are multiple ports of westersand but not one prior to this version was even decent (don’t believe me, most westerfags on csgo said my port was superior to e2). I ported this map because of it being a fan favorite of mine from ze and to make this a very faithful port removing all the possible bugs and glitches even from the css version. Thanks for letting me stabilize the map as I have a b6 version but I’d like to see that version goes well before it gets posted here. By the way, if you don’t have a trigger_push plugin that reverted the speed to normal, I suggest decrease the speed of every trigger_push via stripper (not just boss).

P.S. I had to log in just to see an unstable version of my port suggested here.


It’s good that players interested in the map like your version, but above all we’d want confirmation from SlayerDragon—when a map gets so many porting attempts, it’s the mapper who should tell what is actually best, I think. I’m saying this because I believe he’s making another version in CS:S, so it’s better to make sure he wants this done instead of porting his newer version later of whatever. Still, whenever you have something stable, post it.

I am still unsure about what the trigger_push plugin entails. As far as I’m aware, pushes are just wonky as they have always been in CS:GO. Definite details help, because then something can be coded up, maybe.


Slayerdragon and Noctali (yes he works with Slayer in mapping) let me continue my project but he wanted all the bugs/glitches ironed out…a goal I wanted to do ever since I started this project. Also, someone else is assigned to port v8 but I don’t think its time because it’s not fully released yet as both mappers said they wanted to add some stuff. I would rather see the fully complete v8 ported. Same goes for temple raider, I’m waiting for a v1 to come before starting.

EDIT: Tested b6 on GFL and turned out things were not so stable as they seemed, don’t add yet.


Sounds good to me. Yes, it’s generally a bad idea—or careless porters that don’t give a damn about the maps—to port unfinished maps that are still being worked on by their mappers.

Try to give the map a round of visual polish with CS:GO entities and stock content: postprocessing, tonemapping, CS:GO desert colorcorrections to get the general vibe of the game, etc. Ports should always look better than the CS:S counterparts, otherwise it’s stupid. Remember to rename particles if it’s not done in the original map, as per this.


Muy buen mapa, con bastantes niveles, y minijuegos.


I put my port on Westersand on hold for here because I wanted other communities to test the map. Guess what, they failed big so its pretty much as last resort I suggest it here.
Download Link:
Nav File:

And I’d add a stripper cfg that tones down every trigger_push because of the fact this server doesn’t have a plugin. I also don’t care you test without me because I am sure I ironed out all the bugs as well as the fact I’m at work when the server is most active on the weekdays.

EDIT: If community servers actually work again thanks to valve update.

Stripper CFG:

The map was tested on GFL and it was playable from start to finish. Only small issues persist in the map.