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Hello, I found a few maps on gamebanana that look quite interesting that could be up for consideration;

ze_floating_rocks_survival_csgo_v2 -
ze_reloaded_v1_e10 -
ze_surf_vortex_v1_9 -


Mapa subido, se tendrá que testear para ver si se puede poner en lista.




Hi. Map seems alright! It’ll be added to rotation when you iron everything out. There’s quite a few things I’m listing here that should be less than a days amount of work but here’s some things I’ll point out to help you. This also goes out to anyone having similar issues as well. I’ve repeated a few of them here and there so it might be tiring but if you’re ever having trouble it may help.

-> In lgtning_noz.vmt, remove the “$ignorez” “1” line. “noz” refers to Ignore Z axis. Essentionally, ignore everything within the map and render through everything.

  • 2.) Map attempts to appear being dark at end of levels.

-> Use a color_correction to try and simulate it better with the apparent darkness from your tonemap settings or consider adjusting them. It’s too dark and even unlit textures don’t quite appear as they should.
-> “materials/correction/sunrise.raw”, a correction that already exists, with its “Maximum Weight” adjusted to be fitting could be helpful for this.

  • 3.) Map is dark overall.

-> Outdoor lighting is overall dark for its skybox texture.
-> Example 1[/URL], Example 2, [URL=‘’]Example 3

  • 4.) Lack of env_wind with props that support $treesway.

-> If a map was played previously that had env_wind entities, your map that lacks env_wind will take those settings.
-> Example 1[/URL], [URL=‘’]Example 2

  • 5.) Some lag around the map - ensure prop_dynamics that have collisions set for “Use VPhysics” have actual collisions. Otherwise set to “Not Solid”.

-> This will lag a server and put it in the red if a player idles over them for long. You do have some cases of this.

  • 6.) Lighting seems to not be compiled well.

-> With CS:GO’s latest updates, cascade shadows have managed to become seamless and smooth. An example can be seen here[/URL] but yours appears tinted and blue-ish. This can be fixed as long as you don’t use any HDR values, named lights or lights with effects. [URL=‘’]As seen hereyou have made that mistake at least once.

  • 7.) explosion_huge was ported senselessly.

-> Just a tip, it is now explosion_c4_500. To find what particles are used and emitted from Valve maps if it’s ever needed, using “cl_particles_show_bbox 1” in console will show a bounding box of effects that are active in a map with name of particle effects.

  • 8.) Add cubemaps. Slayerdragon was not able to figure it out so here’s hoping you’re willing to give it a try. Reflections add a lot to a map. As a reminder you’re porting this from CS:S to CS:GO. You want the map looking at least a bit sharp looking and making use of what the game can offer. Postprocess_controller is also an available option. Cubemaps should be at least 64 units in height to match near the players height. They’re cheap, very easy to add and adjust.

  • 9.) Skybox textures are not clamped.

-> Resave the textures with flags “Clamp S” and “Clamp T”. These will fix the texture from clipping around the sides. In summary, turning the current skybox textures mess from this[/URL] to this. It looks much better and seamless. As I’m sure you will likely have trouble [URL=‘’]I uploaded the example used from the screenshots. This will work just fine. Mipmaps are not saved as they’re not used for sky textures. So you’re also benefiting from saving a bit on file size.

  • 10.) After defeating the dragon boss ensure players speeds are reset back to normal. This was a thought that came across my head when I used to play the map. Otherwise players will die if they’re caught being slow with an attack such as “water”. Yes, it’s amusing but not cool.

  • 11.) Lots of props drag and dropped with textures that already exist within the game. As we can see here you have “water.vtf”, “milground008_2_plants_tooltexture.vtf” (Why? Tool textures are not going to be seen in a map, ever.), “detailsprites.vtf”, “milground008.vtf”, “nukfloorc.vtf”, “milground008.vtf”, “milground002.vtf”, “crate_extrasmall.vtf”, “ladderwood.vtf”, “crate_extralarge.vtf”, “acunits01.vtf”, “acunits01_ref.vtf”, “fuel_cask.vtf”, among other things. You also have props packed that are already in the game and props that haven’t yet been replaced but drag and dropped anyway that already have fitting replacements. It doesn’t really appear you gave this much of an effort at all in giving quality regarding file size. Drag and dropping props that aren’t ported is dangerous too, players games will crash if you are reckless.

-> Ensure the props are ported well and under a different directory from Valve’s. You can use Crowbar[/URL] that pretty much does all the dirty work for you and all you have to do is decompile, change directory and recompile. Ensure too that textures and models exist by either checking in Hammer or [URL=‘’]GCFScape. GCFScape is a very handy tool to check and be sure textures exist in the game so that you don’t need to pack them wasting download time and space. Once again, ensure you replace as many props with something similar that are already in the game. You wasted already a fair amount with just the potted plants and chair benches that can be easily replaced with something similar or identical to ones in CS:GO.

  • 12.) Minor @ setpos 4139.076660 -10685.252930 1433.107544;setang 12.561981 -18.177761 0.000000 - A particle from the dragon boss was colliding with the floor. Not sure which.

  • 13.) Majority of particles have always been excessive and lags clients. Seen here there’s two things going on and it’s already a lot. Consider replacing or reducing them a fair amount that does not impact the actual effect.

  • 14.) Game_player_equip will (and has always) mass equipped weapons to players regardless of team. That includes zombies. A weapon_elite will always spawn and be dropped for every player that dies and respawns as zombie.

-> Most of these weapons are NOT equipped because “Strip All Weapons First” is not checked in flags. Ensure that it is checked off. It’s the only thing needed. You will spawn with the default CT/T pistols when playing on a live server and an extra knife and elites will drop from you. With the flag checked these are non-issues. Ensure you onlyequip a knife and item_assaultsuit. These are the only things a player ever needs. Otherwise servers may struggle with edicts issues.

  • 15.) Any and all triggers that are parented will fire repeatedly per tick. This is something to know and be wary of. OnStartTouch, OnTrigger, OnEndTouch, OnStartTouchAll, OnEndTouchAll, etc. will fire repeatedly as long as it’s parented.

-> Working around this is best using a logic_measure_movement for parenting and not parenting by normal means. The triggers will work as they should. I’m noting this as during the test the server went red in areas where triggers might be parented. I could be wrong though and it could be something else but I’m going down the list through my head here.

  • 16.) During the end of the map sv_airaccelerate was set to 1… That’s a bit absurd. Is that your change or Slayerdragon’s? It really shouldn’t be changed at all.

  • 17.) To note above, as it’s a cvar change, your cvars related to Z:R and whatever else (sm_csay) will not fire off in CS:GO. Only cvars you’re able to change are listed in bspconvar_whitelist.txt from your /csgo/ folder. You should work around that only.

  • 18.) Minor and pity @ setpos -575.132935 -734.756897 2459.385010;setang 30.431501 51.059078 0.000000 - Water used is cheap and is flat. Consider using some of CS:GO’s newer water textures. As an example, “inferno_water” or “boathouse_water”. Any are significantly better than “dev_water”. You should replace any and all dev_water’s with something newer.

  • 19.) Some other miscellaneous errors from console. Pasting here.

Apologies ahead of time for any wording that may sound like nonsense. If you need any clarification you’re free to contact from Discord or Steam.

Added. If you don’t see it, wait at least an hour or two from this post for it to appear.






There is a new version of Tilex: ze_tilex_ultimate_v2_13.

There is also a contest for all servers to win the Extreme Boss on Insane mode difficulty going on.



Needs clarification from Airvulpes, but Health Point Regen on Mapeadores for supporters would invalidate any win based on the above contest rules.


Confirmed with Airvulpes there. Supporter regen needs to be turned off or the server cannot compete in the contest.


i wonder if they will take it off for a contest


So…after a few days of work after reading this post, I managed to fix almost everything you suggested but I have some concerns from these suggestions too.

  1. (in progress) Already discussed.

  2. Yea, I used the old compiler for test purposes. Now I using the current one and it does make a difference.

  3. I’m not changing the explosion particle for it creates too much blinding smoke (much to hilarity when chaos dies and the end platform can’t be seen). Slayer also did a similar thing in westersand v8 where he removed a bad particle from the default explosion. In all seriousness, please treat this as a “custom explosion”.

  4. This may or may not happen. It actually was Slayer’s decision to not use cubemaps and I thought the map and wester v8 looked fine without them. Don’t be calling it “half-ass” for no reason just because it makes a map look even worse.

  5. Slayer added this in v8…and so should I because many players complained about the dragon casting water only for it do die and cts speed isn’t reset…essentially screwing the round due to poor mapping.

  6. I did tone down electro as that was about the only particle that cause major lag, other than that, i’m not majorly toning down particles. If you think this is bad, see some particle effects from wester v8 (the summons specifically. They look real epic. Don’t judge them just because they use a lot of emitters and it runs fine on my pc).

  7. It was Slayer’s and Noctali’s decision. Otherwise, the aa set to 1 isn’t a bad idea. It’s to prevent players from triggering chaos early and essentially wasting a round.

  8. Despite cvar whitelist, I’m still keeping them (and adding extra in a future version as well).

  9. Not really a concern but I did some “spring cleaning” in my materials and models folder. I wish more could know about this trick :).



It is the newer version of a map that we currently have: ze_crazy_escape_v4_4_1

Main addition: A new level, level 3 (laser escape)



.nav file:

  • Skins make a return but removed the invisible player script.

  • Trigger_hurts now slow every player thanks to scriptwork from minas.

  • Running Judge boss should be beatable (I hope)

  • All bosses better not be too easy (or impossibly hard).

  • This means I changed hp, nade damage values, and item damage values for all bosses.

  • Majorly different look (I hope acceptable for mapeadores).

  • Changed some particle effects (The most significant being electro to reduce particle count and heal to use the correct particle instead of what was zm blind.)

Found only two issues…ah ah ah.

All skin game_ui still is active as a zombie even the map inputs it to “kill” the entity when it dies: Kind of not really much gamebreaking aside from vaan. This happens in other maps (skyrim and possession minas). There thankfully exists a fix thanks to _p on their minas port.

Console message for missing particles for the smoke. Annoying but at least item and boss effects work. Gonna find out soon enough.



Map name:ze_sky_temples_v1_4 Capacity (Map size):119MB Download link: [url][/url] Has items?: Items (Heal and Wall) Simple map explanation (Reason for adding): 3 stages + Boss


Map name:ze_sky_temples_v1_4
Capacity (Map size):119MB

Download link:

Has items?: Items (Heal and Wall)

Simple map explanation (Reason for adding): 3 stages + Boss


Again, repeating a bit of myself here[/URL]. Some issues posted before still linger in this version you did. It’s still far too dark as well. I went ahead and did a [URL=‘’]pastebin of the errors from console in the map that you have seemed to miss. You’re still drag and dropping props which is still dangerous on the client end leading to possible crashes, as said. Some other tidbits,

  • Missing particle textures.

C_OP_RenderSprites::RenderUnsorted: Attempting to use an unimplemented sprite renderer for system “custom_particle_021”!
C_OP_RenderSprites::RenderUnsorted: Attempting to use an unimplemented sprite renderer for system “custom_particle_022”!

  • Missing textures in the map, you can see the pastebin.

  • Players unable to buy kevlar in spawn. I’ve told you this with reason, if you use a game_player_equip for players on spawn without equipping kevlar they will be unable to buy it. This is why I told you to equip them beforehand. Overall you do not need an active game_player_equip if this is complicated for you as any other game_player_equip with the flags “Use Only” will no longer equip a player with nothing on round start. This only applies to CS:GO.

Though you are copy pasting what was obviously done in Minas with those scripts and cascade shadow distance I’d recommend you actually know and understand what goes on in that map and why it was done beforehand. Throughout the map we were able to complete most of the levels. Complaints about the darkness and unable to see the slashes at the end of the few levels were there. I’d suggest looking into $color to boost the effect of the texture if necessary. Though the texture you use that’s textured blue tinted to look red should be a bit obvious that might be what’s causing the color to look faded. To note as well, Sprite as a shader is obviously not meant to be used for brushwork too. That was most of what I saw.



Iwant to ask if you would add ze_surf_froyo_b4 to the maplist because i think its better then the previous maps like facility or danger…
i didnt found any site there is a Official release so i uploaded it to zippyshare the bsp and nav file.

PW: @Mapeadores

Greez Skyline


b4 is outdated there is b8 and now even a newer one -> look the link below
To the map it is actually a good map because you always get different surfs so its not always the same there are boss fights items and 7 stages so yea we should try it
King Regards



pse port.