Ze_ReflextBox / Hello

Hello, im Eiskrieg.

I started mapping like over 10 years ago now when i was younger.

Back then i used to map for the GoldSrc Engine (Cs.16/Halflife/TFC)
Since i started playing on your Servers i wanted to create my own Map for CSGO,

wasnt that easy as i expected cuz many entitys are compeltly different or even removed so i had to get back into hammer, but thanks to syoudous everything went fine (i hope)

So heres map first cs:go map :slight_smile:

Its obvius i didnt spend much time into detailing it, but i tried my best in the short time i had.

I mainly made this map because i was bored and tried to get used into hammer / csgo mapping :wink:

If you find Bugs or any gamecrashing exploits let me please know so i can fix it :wink:

Hopefully it will be running on your servers soon :slight_smile:

Shot Facts about the map:

Players: 64
Duration : 12 Minutes
Difficulty: Easy to Normal

i tried to optimise everything so it even runs smooth on shitty pcs :slight_smile:


Hablo espanol pero es solo escuela español :wink:



new Version:

Eiskrieg Hello. A very nice map. Write in this topic

Hello, thanks … for the feedback :slight_smile:

Also thanks to everyone else who contacted me and told me what could be better, and ive done it; special thanks to Enviolinador

(I copied the name from discord dunno why its messd up)

Hopefully we can test the map by time on the server :slight_smile:

Here the Major Updates:

Fixed a Door that opens by Touch.
Opend up the Spawn
Added a blocking system at the spawn to prevent Humans get rekt due late Zombiespawn
Added a Ventfloor for the Zombies
Opend up the Train Place
Changed the first Train
Created second ways for the zombies
Changed the ending with new Ways / more difficult
Fixed 2 Texture Bugs.
Changed Lightning
Fixed Area Portal

Before and After picutres:

Spawn before

Spawn after:

Vent before:


First Trainstation before:


Ending before:

Ending after:


So thats all :slight_smile: Hope u enjoy it